Saturday 26th October 2024 @ 6:45pm

All entries: £35.00 or
(£40.00 after 31/01/2024 or £45.00 after 31/05/2024)

The middle distance route traverses the open ridge above Glen Tanar – more accessible than the classic 15 mile route but more exposed than our 8km route

The 15km route rewards you with a spectacular view of up to 4km of light trails from your fellow participants’ head torches. Our reflectives and lightzone will cheer you on, as will the snacks and hot juice before the final tough climb.



  • Start time – 1845hrs
  • Walk OR Run
  • Open to everyone from age 16 upwards
  • Our middle distance route
  • Separate start time to other distances
  • Full access to the amazing light zone and reflectives
  • Warm drink and snack available en-route
  • Unique memento for every finisher

Want to take it slightly easier this year?

Then run or walk the 8km


Want lots more challenge and you are over 18?

Then run the 15 mile


Entrants 2023

The below list of entrants only includes those who have allowed us to share their entry.
If you have entered and would like to appear here, please login and edit your entry and tick to appear on website.

 Name Gender Age Category
Diane BrownFemaleSenior
Chris BarbourMaleV50
Jo BarbourFemaleSenior
Stuart PatersonMaleV40
Artur GorskiMaleV40
Daniel JanikMaleV40
Lisa McConachieFemaleV40
Melissa StewartFemaleSenior
Keisha SimpsonFemaleSenior
Philip ShipmanMaleV50
Zoe LairdFemaleV50
Ewan GardenMaleV40
Ewan McGregorMaleSenior
Fiona MarieFemaleV40
Donna HammondFemaleV40
Tamoor AhemdMaleSenior
Tracey MorrisFemaleV50
Stuart CameronMaleV50
Robert SpalaMaleV40
Natalie CarrollFemaleV40
Emma RobertsonFemaleSenior
Clark ChristieMaleSenior
Lisa LogieFemaleV40
Kerry WilsonFemaleV40
David ReidMaleV40
Sally TaylorFemaleSenior
Rachel JohnstonFemaleSenior
Niamh JaffrayFemaleSenior
Marketing Assistant Carol O'ConnorMaleSenior
Victoria StephenMaleSenior
Scott RobertsonMaleSenior
Brian HayMaleV60
Graham ThompsonMaleSenior
John WingateMaleV50
Wayne KeithMaleV40
Sarah HoggFemaleV40
Becca FoyFemaleSenior
Claire GlennieFemaleV40
Nicola McGeeFemaleV40
Julie EdmonstoneFemaleSenior
Claire CooperFemaleV40
Fi LovedayFemaleV40
Kate StephenFemaleV40
Tracey MichieFemaleV50
Madeline StangerFemaleV50
Fiona MorrisFemaleSenior
Peter ThompsonMaleV50
Linda ThompsonFemaleV40
Janine CameronFemaleSenior
Timothy DringMaleV50
Polly DayFemaleSenior
Jennifer MoiseyFemaleV40
John MoiseyMaleV40
Emma BlackFemaleSenior
verity bryceFemaleV40
Andrew PlantMaleV60
Ruth RumseyFemaleV60
Lou LiddellFemaleV50
Dee MatthewFemaleV50
Allison ToddFemaleV50
Charlie WoodMaleV50
Lynne TownsFemaleV40
Chris DriverMaleV50
Barbara JonesFemaleV50
Kelly WiltshireFemaleV40
Kim WoodFemaleV40
Linda StewartFemaleV60
Adam KingMaleV40
Barry CorbettMaleSenior
Emily StubbinsFemaleSenior
Emma ReidFemaleSenior
Dominic BurchMaleSenior
Peter SmithMaleV40
Fiona WillisFemaleV60
Laura TierneyFemaleSenior
Finlay RobinsonMale
Nik RobinsonMaleV50
Catherine CowieFemaleV40
Lynn FishFemaleV40
Angela RitchieFemaleV40
Alexandra BagworthFemaleV40
Sam GordonMaleSenior
del gallacherMaleV60
Carolyn GordonFemaleSenior
Angela AdamsFemaleV40
Angela HorsfallFemaleV40
Barbara HamiltonFemaleV60
James BeggMaleV50
Laura HeepsFemaleV40
Charlene CheesmanFemaleSenior
Sarah FletcherFemaleV50
Katy SlessorFemaleV40
peter GarganMaleV40
Jodie FergusonFemaleV40
Myra CampbellFemaleV50
Emma SutherlandFemaleV40
Ed SwalesMaleV40
Fiona KeirFemaleV40
Steph ThomsonFemaleSenior
Lorna WalkerFemaleV60
Rory DuncanMaleV40
Lorenzo DuttoMaleV40
Vanessa GallacherFemaleSenior
 Name Gender Age Category